PowerMax Fitness Unisex Adult TDM-97 (3 Hp Peak)

The PowerMax Fitness Unisex TDM-97 is quiet a good and best running and training machine like any other machine that can be used for physicals.

It can be used in several places like the gym, home backyard, warehouse and the best is that it occupies a small space.

Reviewed differently, the machine is perfect for fitness however maybe for beginners and not those that can hold speed higher than 10km/hr.

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The Product description

  • 1.5 HP DC Motor (3 HP Peak) | Max User Weight: 100KG | Speed: 1.0 - 10.0 km/hr

  • The machine has a running surface of 1100 X 400mm / 43.3 X 15.7inch. it has a surface to hold your phone and tablet to keep your devices safe while you are running.

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